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Aromatherapy & Herbal Remedies

At Herban Luv we create our products with natural and certified organic essential oils that are blended by an experienced aromatherapist to help you feel great and look your best. Everything we create is for your well-being and happiness. We keep it simple because we value our ingredients and you more than fancy labels and gimmicks. Each product is made to order to ensure freshness. We encourage recycling of our packaged products. 


Skin & Beauty

Goats Milk Soap.Goats Milk Soap.
  • Dream Well.Oil Blend

    Get your Zzzzzz! Doctor's tell us all the time that getting the appropriate amount of rest is just as important as the food and exercise we get everyday. Our oil is deeply relaxing and will aid in giving you a peaceful good night's sleep. Apply at bedtime to your body and pulse points for sweet dreams!

    May Chang's calming effects are useful if you can't sleep. It is known for dealing with insomnia. It has a great antimicrobial effect, kills all sorts of germs, and is cooling and refreshing. 

    Chamomile, Roman is a wonderful oil for assisting sleep, and offers deep rest to the nervous system. 

    Dream Well Oil 
  • Vixen luxe Oil Blend

    Keeping it real down there!

    This lightweight and fast absorbing luxe oil blend is perfect for hair down there and skin. Keeps pores unclogged, soothes shaves bumps and perfect for before and after waxing. All natural and organic ingredients are used to soften hair, to reduce inflammation, odor and ingrown hairs. Will leave your hair and skin silky soft. Apply Vixen Oil Blend to clean pubic hair and skin. Can be use as part of a daily regimen. We use certified organic essential oils. EXTERNAL USE ONLY. 

    Vixen Oil Blend 
  • Herbal Cuticle Nail Oil

    Herbal Cuticle Nail Oil

    Moisturizing for dry cuticle and nails. Applying will increase circulation and promote healthy nail growth.

    Herbal Cuticle Nail Oil