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Herban Luv

Serious Whip Moisturizing Lotion

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Whipped Lotion

Serious Whip Moisturizing Lotion is a gamechanger. Fabulous stocking stuffer!

Serious Whip Moisturizing Lotion is an all-natural, handmade lotion that will help combat even the driest and most chapped skin without leaving a greasy residue behind. Serious Whip has been whipped into a fluffy consistency and it has been piped into a wide-mouth metal tin that makes application easy and smooth. Whip is lightly scented... not too sweet and not too strong. SIDE NOTE: also works amazingly as a makeup remover! 4 oz. tin.
Milk & Honey: This one has a subtle sweet and creamy scent.

Georgia Quartz: Bright and lively with citrus and floral undertones. A fave!

Campfire Marshmallow: This one smells like warm marshmallows and crisp evening bonfires. DELISH.

Vanilla Buttercream: smells like your favorite cake.

Dude Whip: Notes of cedar and leather work together perfectly for this one!

I hope you love these as much as we do!

Ingredients: shea butter, kokum butter, mango butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, arrowroot powder and scented oils.