Smudge Yourself Body Oil

$15.00 $20.00

Our newest oil blend! Herban Luv's Smudge Yourself Body Oil
I truly love love love this oil. Its smells incredible and is a fantastic alternative if you dont like the smoke from traditional smudging. On the go smudging anytime, anywhere. Having a tough day at walk? Walk away and go for a walk. Sit outside take a deep breath and apply oil, start saying the mantra below over and over until you feel at peace. I also use this oil to smudge my house in my soapstone oil burner holder. It fills the room with this sweet tranquil smell of Palo Santo and Sage. Smudge your house, body, mind and spirit of any negativity, distress, stagnation, illness or being around someone is unwell or depressed. 
Here is one of my favorite smudging mantras. 

I release all energies that no longer serve me to be released from me and this space and into divine light. You no longer have nor hold power here. Loving and peaceful energy is welcomed and invited in now.

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